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Having just completed The Happiness Programme which was super inspiring! Each module was packed with presentations and guidance which really helped me to unearth any issues and move on with a much more positive approach. I am feeling inspired to tackle new goals with confidence.

Danielle - Ingleby Barwick


I have just worked through the Self Esteem Queen Bootcamp with Marie and am amazed at the results, within a few weeks I had the confidence to book a holiday and head off across the world - on my own! Speaks for itself. I'm starting to feel 'enough' for the first time in a lot of years and I hope to continue working with her.

Jenny - Teesside


I’ve just completed Marie’s Happiness Programme. It’s fantastic! Through this course I was able to clarify many thoughts and make decisions I’d wanted to make for some time. Marie helped me understand so much about myself! Each module builds nicely on the previous one. Marie makes the whole thing fun and easy to do.

Aimee - London


I just finished her 5-part course on Positive Relationships and I have just been re watching all the videos again. The course was so content-rich and I have gained a lot of helpful takeaways. It has left me feeling really inspired and motivated to implement some changes in my life.

Ivana - London

Available Programmes

Each programme is packed with specially selected content that is best suited to serve you and your goals.

The Happiness Programme is there for you if you are looking to reconnect with your spark, to get to know yourself on a MUCH deeper level and to clear out old baggage.

Fall in love with yourself, learn about REAL self care and improve your communication with others with Positive Relationships.

Or go ALL IN with The Self Esteem Queen Bootcamp where you will discover the secrets to unlimited confidence and coaching tools that you can keep with you forever as you enjoy a new and improved you, reclaiming your inner strength and divine power.

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