The Self Esteem Queen Bootcamp


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(Kings and Queens Welcome)

What can it do for you?

Believe in yourself and your own strength

Feel secure within your own being

Develop self love and acceptance

Recognise the beliefs and thought patterns that get in your way

Harness your emotions, thoughts and feelings so that they work for you

Develop a DEEP KNOWING that you are more than enough

and SO MUCH much more!

How it Works:

8 weeks of high vibe, high-value content and connection

A private community of like-minded individuals (expect fun and accountability!)

8 video trainings with me

Messenger support throughout the program

All online – you can be anywhere!

And oodles of surprises and bonuses

My inspiration for this program:

3 years ago, I may have looked like a confident person but I was anything but on the INSIDE.

I would go red when someone asked me a question at work

I hated speaking up in groups, even with friends!

I didn't have a clue what I was meant to be doing with my life

And I blamed everything around me for the way my life was unfolding

I was terrified of people finding out what an insecure mess I was

I made all of my decisions with my head and had not yet learned to trust my heart and soul

As a result, my relationships were disconnected and even despite having loads of mates, I often felt lonely...

Something HAD to be done...

This is NOT like every other cookie-cutter Personal Development Program

I will teach you how to get unstuck FAST

How you can save years of emotional anguish

How you can be the person that you know you can be

How to tap into what’s REALLY holding you back

How to finally GET MOVING towards Future You

This is no fluff, no BS, all THRILLER and no filler


A list of affirmations

A flutter of feel-good "VIBES"

Some motivational quotes

and a watered-down version of what you really need...

There is enough of that in the marketplace already –

Am I right?

Typical RESULTS from my programs include:

Finally leaving corporate and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams as a result of discovering her purpose.

Ability to reduce medication for anxiety, depression and insomnia as a result of feeling more calm, stable and able

Moving past internal fears and FINALLY being able to enjoy fun social events

Summoning the courage to leave a loveless marriage

Ditching a soul-sucking job to work in a more aligned holistic field

Ability to STOP worrying about what people think and GO FOR IT in life

Developing more internal trust and a deeper connection with self enabling more REAL, heart-centred connections with others – no more surface level BS