One to One

Get a Coach in Your Corner!

I work with my clients 1:1 by video phone. You can be anywhere and indeed my clients are scattered all over the world.

So how does coaching work? Well...

I will NEVER tell you what to do (a popular life coaching myth)

I help reconnect you with what YOU truly want.

Then we hatch a plan for you to go get it.


I will NEVER push you into a decision.

I will help you to align your head and your heart.

Then we ensure that YOU make your own bold moves.


I will NEVER tell you how to live your life.

I help you to tune into and trust your deepest desires.

Then we work together for YOU to act on them.


I will NEVER tell you that you need a coach.

Although if you know what you want,

And you still don’t have it,

Maybe there is a reason...

And maybe I can help you.

And maybe you don’t have to have it all figured out.

And maybe humans can help other humans.

And maybe that’s ok.

Just because you are a grown up,

Doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help!

Looking to take the reins in your life?

Get back into the driver's seat?

Put yourself first for once?

Get yourself booked in for a Soul Chat where we can discuss your needs and desires and we can discover whether we are going to be a good fit to work together.

Client Kudos


Marie made me face my internal obstacles but also gave me the tools to then deal with them going forward. I have used therapists and counsellors before and although it’s great to “talk about things”, I felt more equipped to deal with issues after my 1:1 sessions with Marie. I can really say she has changed my life!Simi - Yarm


Marie, has honestly through her wisdom, encouragement, empathy and understanding changed my whole life 360 degrees for the better. I will be eternally grateful to Marie for being the amazing person that she is. I take my hat off to you. Much love xxxx
Karen - Middlesbrough


I can say without a shadow of a doubt Marie has helped me massively through our 1:1 sessions, giving me the confidence to set up my own business, start making realistic steps towards better mental health and to be able to love myself again. I feel empowered, energised and have a clarity I've not felt in a long time. So, so happy. Rach - Stockton on Tees


Marie’s coaching is unbelievable. Easy to follow and certainly life changing. I booked in for a 1:1 coaching programme and my outlook on life is so much clearer. Marie’s zero B.S. approach is gentle yet effective. I'm using the tools I’ve learnt to keep me confident today. 10/10 Kay - Teesside

Coaching Rates

Don't you just hate it when people won't tell you how much they charge? Just so you know, I offer coaching programs ranging from £350 - £2000 per month depending on the level of support that you require. And you're worth EVERY PENNY aren't you?


Still reading? Book yourself in for a chat below and let's get you taken care of ❤️